The female literati of Escanor

One of the earliest references to Eleanor of Castile in connection with her commissioned work, Escanor, is Henri Victor Michelant’s statement that he finds it ‘difficult to imagine that a princess born and raised in a southern region had a detailed knowledge of the legends in circulation in the north of Great Britain’ (‘Introduction’ v). […]

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Michelant: Part 12

In the last instalment of Henri Victor Michelant’s introduction to Le Roman d’Escanor, we finally saw Girfflet and the Queen of Traverses reveal their mutual feelings for one another, and their wedding is planned. In this final section, Michelant summarises the resolution of misunderstandings between Kay and Andrivete. However, amidst all the festivities news comes to […]

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Michelant: Part 11

In the last instalment of Henri Victor Michelant’s introduction to Escanor, the Queen of Traverses was left in love with her hapless prisoner, Sir Girfflet. However, she was unable to express her feelings for him due to the ongoing war between Escanor the Fair and King Arthur. In the next sequence, all misunderstandings are finally resolved, […]

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Michelant: Part 10

In my last translation of Henri Victor Michelant’s introduction to the 1886 edition of Le Roman d’Escanor, his summary of the story was left at the point when Escanor the Great, Escanor the Fair’s uncle, has sent a troupe of knights to Merlin’s fountain in order to ambush the knight, Sir Gawain. This post picks […]

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A Castilian Christmas

As the commissioner of Escanor, Eleanor of Castile and the places with which she is associated are also obviously of great interest to me. Whilst it is no longer Christmas, nor have I been to Castile, I wanted to share some photographs I took of one of Eleanor’s final resting places just over a year […]

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Hello, readers and fellow medievalists! I’d like to wish you all a slightly belated Happy New Year for 2018 and apologise for my long silence and inactivity on the blog, especially to those of you who have contacted me about the translation during the past year. Shortly after my last post, I entered the final […]

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Michelant: Part 9

He [Escanor the Great] was the son of a giant who had married an enchantress and at his birth was born at the same time as that of Gawain, a prophecy was made known that the latter would surpass all other knights in prowess. He had a sister named Eleanor, who married Bruno the Prophet, […]

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Michelant: Part 8

She [Andrivete] replies [xv] that she has never heard anything like it, even though she is of this country, and demands he tell her the details. So Dinadan recounts the rumours that concern her, adding that he is all the more sure than when he left Arthur’s court only two days ago, where Kay received […]

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Paper Abstract: International Arthurian Society Conference 7-9 September 2015

“Mourning one’s partner in Arthurian romance: the eremitic withdrawals of Escanor and Guenever in Le Morte Darthur” Self-imposed silence or withdrawal from the courtly sphere in response to emotional trauma is a literary phenomenon seen frequently in medieval romance. This paper will explore two examples of withdrawal to an eremitic space after the death of […]

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